Monday, July 28, 2008

Hacker and Security Consultant

Some days ago when I was viewing a video from the shmoocon 2008, Hackajar told a very interesting difference between a hacker and security professional, he said
"Under the Age of 25 you are a hacker you are over the age of 25 you are a security professional"
So I was thinking about this statement like and I was like "Waw" how true !! Like when we are in our young age we dont have responsibilities on us. Most probably parents are paying for our education and for our living. At those time we can go on and on doing hacking stuff but we dont get any pay for that. They say White Hat, black hat are there black hat dont like white hats but there is one important statement made by simple nomad in this talk that was

"The basic different between Black hat and white hat hacker is that White hat has Mortgage."
So when you get little older responsibilities come, you need to earn for living. At that time one will think and I like to hack things, if I get a money to hack things then why I shouldn't take this opportunity ? Yes there are some restrictions on the you when you become white hat but every thing has its plus and minus. So its so true that as hackers become old they might go to the security scene. So whats bad in that ?

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