Friday, June 5, 2009

version 2 of script to check cisco router with Default password

With request from my one fren to make the script more user frendly
I have created version 2 of the script which can be downloaded from

Well Here is some Spoon Feeding and brief documentation as Requested by my fren.

This script is checked on windows xp with python version 2.5. Though it should run with python 2.3 and 2.4 also.

You can download python for windows or linux machine from this page

On Linux system you can execute the script by using commnd
# python

On windows you can execute script by using command


Where C:\Python25\ is the directory where you have installed python 2.5

By default the script will ask you IP address of the router to be checked for default login.
If you want multiple routers checked at one go, put the IP addresses of the routers one IP in single line in a file and save
it as iplist.txt
Keep iplist.txt in the same folder as the python script and run python script. The script will read IP addresses from the file and check
those routers for default passwords.