Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hide text in notepad

Hi there,
After some busy weeks, I am back. I had discussion with my regarding hiding text in the txt file using the notepad. So I am giving here the way by using which any text can be hidden in the notepad and you can have your own password for the hidden text also.
If you already dont know this go forwarding reading...

In windows you can hide some text in the txt file using only notepad and no other tool.

The way to do is ...

use following command to create a text file..

go to any specific folder of your choice in cmd prompt,
type command

notepad secret.txt:thisismypassword

Notepad will ask "Do you want to create a new file?"
Click "Yes"

Now the title bar of notepad should read like
secret.txt:thisismypassword.txt - Notepad

Edit and enter any text in this notepad file.

Close this file.

Go to windows explorer and navigate to that specific folder you will see only one file

If you open this file you will see blank. You can enter any garbage in this secret.txt also and save it. It will not change your secrte data which was entered earlier.

To reopen the secrete data type same command again

notepad secret.txt:thisismypassword

You will see your data again. When opening file like this you can edit it and change your secrete data.

P.S. Regards to Cybercrawler for his posts