Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bitdefender 2012 review II - Bad sales/support also

You might be aware that last year I had done a quick review of the Bitdeffender.
I hadn't give it good rating at that time.
But it seems only technical problems were not enough they also have bad sales/support.

One of my friend had purchased Bitdeffender 2012 Antivirus and he was trying it on Windows 8 but it seems it is not designed to be work with Windows8. But what happened afterwards is more problematic in terms of support. My friend tried to contact customer care service and trying to get this issue resolved. The customer care executive told him to download Bitdeffender windows 8 version and told same serial would work with it. But it was utter lie. The customer care executive doesn't seem to be knowing their own licencing system. Well now it has been more than two weeks my friend tried to get this issue resolved. The in-country distributor also not helping and says to contact Bitdeffender online support.
My Poor friend is all frustrated.
So it seems not only technical issues with the Bitdeffender but also sales and support problems are persistent.