Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Clearing some doubts about lock picking gun

Well I had ordered my first lock picking kit months ago which was this
But this was lying around from lots of months and I had not touched it out of my laziness.
I had also ordered this lock picking gun

This was also lying around and not used ... Ya ya ya I know I am pretty lazy.

So what happened was at one meet with my fellow hackers at, the topic was lockpicking. A hacker friend of mine had bring his lock picking tools and practice locks. So he just gave a brief into to lock picking and showed how to open some of his practice locks. I had also taken my tools and gun to show him. But he was not much fond of picking guns. But I had seen some videos of this gun picking up locks easily. There were lots of discussions and practice regarding guns but. Today I am gonna stick to only some points about this lock picking gun.
  Basically my friend said that what the gun will work similar to rake. If you dont know what is recking watch this 4 minute video to understand idea. I am not gonna discuss about lock picking techniques in this blog-post.

So since I was not sure about the lock picking gun. I made some search on net read some books/ saw some videos/ and then what I found was actually this gun was not doing anything in the line of picking with rake.
   This kind of manual gun does picking on the principle of bump keying. Check out this basic info about bump keying if you are not aware about it. Again I am not covering bump keying in details in this blog post.

So if you see the basic videos of this manual locking picking gun working in the field. It gets clear that it does not try to rake the keys but tries to bump the keys. (Push all keys at a time with the help of vibration created by gun)

So it makes clear that this kind of manual gun works on the principle of key bumping. Well a lot of pros would be already knowing this but since I am beginner in the lock picking area it was news for me. So I thought I would write down on my blog so it might help some other new comer of lock picking.
  Well I also tried out the gun with the practice lock that I had brought.

 Well it was little bit difficult that the lock on my drawer. Since it was having spring action which was snap opening lock.

I had opened both locks with the picking tools. So I went on trying the gun on these locks today. So on the both locks it worked quiet well. So as newbie in to lock picking I was very happy with my work. I shall keep posting further lesson I get into lock picking in the future (Possibly if not feeling lazy).