Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beware of Ankit Fadia

I have herd lots of times of newbies that they are very inspired by So called hacker Ankit Fadia, When I was in college I had also braught his first book on "Ethical Hacking"( which was full of CRAP). I herd he has started his own Certified Ethical Hacker courses, trying to fool people.
Some of my juniors were asking whether they should joined that course. First I thought it was CEH certification aided by these freaks. But it is not, it is Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker. I was could not stop laughing when I saw that this fellow has started his own certification course, which has offcourse ZERO value in any place you go. I have instructed my all contacts not to go for this kind of crap.
I am realy amzed what kinda effects the indian media has created about this Ankit fadia. Well I think that indian media is not that literate about the information security.

I recommend to readers not waste your time and money on the any crap from Mr Ankit Fadia.

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Want to be recognized for your computer security expertise? Want to be considered amongst the best security gurus in the world? Want to climb up the career ladder and improve your global job prospects? Want to be trained and certified by world renowned author and computer security guru? Want to become an ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER?