Thursday, October 11, 2012

python script to download files via google search Ver. 2

Well some one suggested a feature in python download script and today I was in a mood to do little bit coding so changed the script in incarporate a new option.

--num number_of_files_to_download

If given this option script will stop after the number of files given .

you can download new version 2  HERE


Vaibhav said...


I saw your script. I think it is not working with the xgoogle library. Are you still on with this?

neo said...

I will check the script again.

neo said...

Funny thing is till script was working I didnt get that many comments today script not working and I am getting comments and emails.

neo said...

There was change in the way google page was providing link.
I changed script to extract URL but still xgoogle not providing next links.
So I am still debugging the script, but I unable to invest much time in to script right now.

If anyone got python programming skills let me know any point you come accross.

Find the intermediate python scirpt at address:

neo said...

New Updated script is available please checkout updated post