Friday, May 22, 2009

python script to find cisco routers with default password

While I was doing my work (No options...have to do some to earn) in recent days
I was busy auding lots of cisco routers. As hacker mind I just went ahead hacking my way in to nearly all routers getting full access. But when I had completed my work I suddenly remember that some of the routers used default passwords and others I had extracted password from config of already accessed routers. But I just didnt remember for which routers I found using default password. As usual the programmer in me wake up (My colleague said he would check out manualy in 1 hour) I said I would better use half hour to write a script to find out those. This script will be use full in finding out routers with default password in future also.
So I did write a python script (you must be knowing by now python is my fav language) to check out routers with default passwords.
This script is still in its early stages. So looking forward for some good or bad feedbacks.

You can find script at

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