Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lack of Information Security Conern in India

When 2-3 Days Ago I was watching some news of one indian university network was hacked by some nygerian hacker. News channel was telling that he hacked their mail server. And stole their economic information.I am very much surprise that how much ignorance is in theindian people aobut the importance of the information security.
    I have seen in my own university also. When I was university I was able to get the root access of the linux system very easly that was giving shared access to the students. Also I was able to torjen the whole network, every PC wasunder my control. Though I did not do any damage, (damaging system never gains anything, unless you are getting paid to damge the system, but a real hacker will never damage the system) I was very surprise to see the lack of security. There were more than 80 computers having internet access on which I had installed RAT (Remote Access Trojan) So if I wished I could use them as Bot-Network to do any kind of attack.
      I think the history repeats itself, as in america first the hackers and system security were not given any notice. But when cracker get in the situation, they started damaging systems, or shutting down telphone networks, etc. Then one day american governmentgot awake of sudden and started hunting the hackers. India also is on the samepath. You will be surprised to hear that one fren of mine who is in marketing the firewall and IDS (Intruder Detection System) tell me that the product is not sold by how much security it provides but most of the times to just manage the network bandwidth, block the URLs for users. He says he has till this date not mate with a CTO who has genuine interest in the security of his network. After some big attacks by some cracker the people will awake. But do we want this ?
   I think the people should become aware before such things. We should make people aware of things. In my later blogs I will try to handle more such issues.

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